The quality fences we build include wrot iron, metal, chain link, vynal and residential wood fences. When building a quality fence will sit down with the customer to set a budget, goals, and aesthetic appeal they want to see in a good quality fence.  Once the criteria is set we work within the budget the build the best quality fence that will stand the test of time.

Residential Wooden Privacy Fences

When it comes to backyard privacy wooden fencing there are many options so we will try to cover all of them. Ask yourself how long would you like your fence to last.  The next question would be how much do you want to spend.  The most popular type of fence we build by is the board on board fence, the other type of fence we build is called side by side. The terms refer to the way the boards are installed.  Then we use different types of running boards toppers, decorative accent pieces also know as trim work or finish out.  The different types of wood we use in most residential fencing are cedar, spruce, everwood and treated pine.  Cedar naturally produces chemicals that repeal wood destroying insects that can damage your fence.  Other types of wood need  to be treated to withstand the elements and insects. The newest type of treated wood is called MicroPro and it is treated with micronized copper preservatives, which helps protect against termite damage and fungal decay.   The other key componet of wooden fencing projects are the post.  There are two options, wood post and galvanized metal.  When installing metal post you are up grading your fencing structure for the next 100 years. Wood post really need to be reinstalled every time the property needs a fence.  Typical lifespan of wood fencing can be found in the chart below.

Wood types Cedar 1 Cedar 2 Treated Pine Spruce/Pine
Longevity 20 – 25 Years 20 – 25 Years 15-17 Years 9 – 12 Years
Grade Options Clear, #1, #2 #2 BTR #2 Premium
Thickness 21/32” 21/32” 23/32” 5/8”
Environmental friendliness 10+ 10+ 10 10

Wrot Iron Fences

Like residential fences, wrought iron fences have just as may options.  The main thing about wrought iron fences is the decorative accents pieces involved with bending metal.  If you know what you want then making the metal accent pieces is easy. The hardest part is deciding exactly what you want, because there are that many options.  Key points to decide on up front are the height of the fence and budget.  We will help you figure out the rest.