A new wood deck provides a warm, handsome connection with the outdoors, adding to a home’s beauty and setting the stage for a world of outdoor activities. But decks take a lot of abuse, both from use and through continued exposure to the harsh Texas weather. After a few years, they become weathered and unfriendly without proper care.
We use premium penetrating transparent tinted coatings. They are not film forming finishes like paint, or shellac. When the deck/wood is prepped properly and the penetrating deck stains are applied properly they will last for many years to come. The tint (color) acts as a UV-Ray absorbent, which inhibits the sun from discoloring the wood. Depending on your conditions you can expect all of the deck stains and sealers we sell to last 18-36 months on the horizontals and twice as long on the verticals.
Reasons the majority of products fail are:
• A product is applied too thick, over a previous coating, or a solid color stain/paint was used resulting in a film forming coating. A film forming coating is a product that does not penetrate into the Denver wood completely. A product that does not penetrate can result in premature peeling and or flaking. All of our stains penetrate into the wood.
• The deck/wood is not properly prepped for application of coating resulting in the stains not penetrating into the wood.
• New wood is not dry and/or prepped for application of stain. You cannot stain a brand new deck/wood without a light sand and applying cleaners to open the pores.
The road to restoring a deck’s great looks is usually simple, regardless of the type of wood used for its construction. First you clean it, then you diagnose and treat any discoloration, then you repair and/or replace rotten wood, and last you protect the result with a durable finish.
Our typical restoration process:
• Deck Cleaning
Debris that clogs the spaces between deck boards traps moisture, encouraging mildew and rot. We blast out the debris, using a power washer that delivers 1,200 psi of pressure, we then push out remaining debris with a laminate scoring tool.
• Wood Repair/Replacement
o Make minor repairs and replace all rotten wood.
o Counter sink existing screws as needed and add new screws as needed
o Sand all surfaces
• Let the deck dry for a 24-48 hours