Exterior Painting
We do all types of quality painting jobs in the DFW area. Types of exterior surfaces we typically paint are aluminum and hardy siding, wood, brick, concrete block, stucco, trim and, of course, old paint. We will call these types of surfaces the substrate. Exterior paint sometimes involves carpentry work, caulking, metalwork, patching, pressure washing, and scraping. We can handle all your exterior prep work so your quality paint job looks like it was brand new. Paint preparation is one of the most important parts to ensure a quality paint job. In order to allow the paint to bond to the substrate, the surface must be clean of all dust and dirt. If the substrate is too wet or moist then it may not bond completely to the surface. When paint doesn’t bond well the paint will begin to flake and peel over time. We will take into all conditions of the structure and weather before we start painting the exterior of any property.
We use sprayers, rollers, and brushes to paint the exterior of your property. It usually takes all three types to make sure, the final product is up to our customer’s standards. Using a paint sprayer will speed up the process and keep the labor price down. Rollers and brushes allow us to get in those hard to reach areas where a sprayer just can’t seem to reach.
New paint can make a property more eye appealing. It’s amazing what a new paint job will do for a property when you are trying to sell or lease. A new paint job also protects the exterior from wind and rain, thus extending the life and maintenance of the materials used to build it. Keep in mind that painting will add value to your property which is important when selling or leasing.