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Our Approach

We look at the whole project form management to finding tradesmen to the final punch and CO.  AllTex Construction is the team you need to make sure your project finished on time and with the least amount of complications.  When you hire a professional Team, like AllTex Construction you will find a team of guys coming together as one to produce an incredible outcome for the client.

Our Story

We started in Residential but quickly grew into the Commercial side of things as the company expanded.  Today 90% of the work we do is commercial or multi-family.

What we do

We specialize in Division 9 part of the construction divisions. This part is handled in house with no subs.  We only sub out the MEP part of the project.  We have developed long term relationships with our MEP subs and they are the best.  Most divisions AllTex Construction handles in house for our clients

Safety First Badge - AllTex Construction


We maintain a safe work invironment at all time.  We have both our 10 and 30 hour osha certificate holders onsite at all times.

Safety meetings and protocols are provided on each and every job site.

AllTex Construction Apparel


All of AllTex Construction employess have logo shirt from the Superintendants to the guys in the field.  We believe when the guys feel like they have something in common and everyone believes in the same goal.

Want an AllTex Construction shirt let us know and we will get you one too.


Site Preperation

From managing 10 million dollar projects in Ft Worth, Arlington and Stephenville we have the resources to complete large scale projects in Texas.

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