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Window Issues

Windows are the least energy efficient part of our homes.  People just love to be outside and in the sun.  We just don’t want to deal with the bugs, heat, cold, rain, snow, hail, and wind.  Windows allow us to see everything we are missing outside in the comfort of our own homes.  However, they allow the heat into our dwelling and make our air conditioners to run longer and more frequently.  That’s ok because we love our windows.  Because windows are not going away any time soon we need to protect them from the suns harmful rays.


There are three good options when thinking about energy loss through your windows.  Residential Window Tint, Solar Screens and completely replacing your windows.  Lets look at each product a little closer.

Residential Window Tint

Residential Window tint is like a radiant barrier in which you can see through.  It is like putting a pair of sun glasses on your windows. We put it on our cars to look cool and install it on our houses to save energy.  Window tint is installed on the inside of the windows to reflect the heat from the sun back outside.  It also blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays which causes fading.  Fading includes hardwood floors, curtains, furniture, carpet, and art work. Tinting your windows will have a higher heat rejection then some new windows.  There are several different types of, shading, and overall performance.  Residential window tint can go on any type of windows including brand new windows and even the odd shaped window we love.  Each type of window is subject to inspection by a trained professional to get the best solution for each type of window tint.  Because window tint is relatively inexpensive it can pay for itself in 5 years or less. You get year round benefits from window tint.  It blocks the heat in the summer and keeps the warm air inside during the winter.

Solar Screens

Solar screens are also a good option to look at to keep the Texas heat out during the summer.  Solar Screen can block up to 80% of the heat that transfers through your windows.  It is a micro fiber fabric that goes on the outside of your home to block the heat before it enters through the window.  It comes in 5 different colors and can go on any type of window unit. Because it goes on the outside you only receive energy savings during the summer months.


New Windows

Upgrading your window to new energy efficient low-e glass is a great way to save energy.  However they are extremely expensive to install on your home.  It would take 30 years to recoup your investment from the amount of energy you would save. If you don’t like the way your windows look and you have the money to replace then this is a good option.


The Best Solution

Based on our findings Einstein believes that window tint is the best solution when it comes to making our windows more energy efficient.  Because if the relatively inexpensive price and the 360 day  benefits of window tint, thus… equals the best solution for the window problem.


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