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Energy Audits

Audit Pg3Energy Audits

An energy audit preformed by one of AllTex Construction technicians will provide you with an entire diagnostic test of your homes energy performance.  A certified energy auditor will evaluate the whole house including these areas of the property.

  1. Dropped ceilings
  2. Recessed light
  3. Attic entrance
  4. Sill plates
  5. Water and furnace flues
  6. All ducts
  7. Door frames
  8. Chimney flashing
  9. Window frames
  10. Electricity outlets and switches
  11. Plumbing and utility access

We test your home for air leakage by using our state of the art leakage technology.  We will test the windows, doors, electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, attic hatches and other locations where there is a possible air path to the outside. Once we have located the air leakage we will then seal them up with caulking, mastic, and weather stripping.

Where most homes have air infultration.


loft_and_cavity_insulation_grantsHow does the air escape?

Air infiltration into and out of your home through every hole and crack. About one-third of this air infiltrates through openings in your ceilings, walls and floors.  They say that every home has a hole the size of a beach ball.  If you add all the little cracks and crannies in the home you will find a very large hole in your home where you are wasting lost of money day after day.  If everyone could see the amount of money flying out our window and doors we would have fixed this problem a long time ago.

Heating and Cooling

Try to set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer.  A digital thermostat will help your homes energy consumption to correlate with your daily schedule.  Also consider closing or limiting return duct in rooms that not used much.

House Heating Systems

Although several different types of fuels are available to heat our homes, more than half of us use natural gas.

Heating and cooling your home uses more than any other system in your home. Typically, 46% of your utility bill goes for heating and cooling. What’s more, heating and cooling systems in the United States together emit 150 million tons of carbon dioxide into  the atmosphere each year, adding to global climate change.

Duct work is usually out of sight and out of mind2.3.2_ductgraphic

The unsealed ducts in your attic and crawlspaces lose air and uninsulated ducts lose heat waisting energy and money. You can loose up to 60% of your heated air before it reaches the register if your ducts aren’t insulated and travel through unheated spaces such as the attic or crawlspace.  Get Einstein Energy Solutions to give you a personal energy audit on all your home energy performance.


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