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Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing

Common air flow issues in a typical American home.

A. Leaky Duct Connections Each supply in your home has as at least 2 different connections. Some will have as many as 4 or 5 connections due to Y or T splits and splicing.  Also sealing around the supply boot from the top and bottom will insure little to no air infiltration.B. Return

Home-InsulationLeaks If your home has wall returns then you have leaky ducts.  There is no way to seal 100% of a wall return.  Solution: to cap the wall return and install return in the ceiling.

C. Blocked Returns Often times returns are not located in the most ideal places.  If you have a return behind a door then check to see if it will stay in place.  If it gets sucked up again the return then you do not have proper return flow.

D. Furnace, Filter Slot and Tape Failure The air handler is a major source of air leaks.  Check your filter slot to make sure it is closed all the way.  Grey duct tape will fail in 3-5 years.  The metallic tape will last 8-12 years without failing.

E. Falling Duct Insulation Older duct work will usually have insulation failures due to rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels.  In N. Texas most of our duct work is in the attic. This is not a major issue for our area.

F. Supply Leaks Sealing around the supply boot from the top and bottom will insure little to no air leaks.  It may not seem like much but if you add up all  the supplies in your home you have will have a hole the size of a soft ball or larger.

G. Kinks in Ductwork Often times new duct work will be hanging from the rafters. The supports holding them over time will cut back the air flow when the duct changes direction. Solution: install brace for extra support.

Testing the DuctsEnergy_Star_Blaster_Test_leaky_Ducts

Testing the duct for leakage is the only way to scientifically know how much your ducts leak. The test will completely seal off all the supplies and registers in each room to isolate the ducts from the rest of the home structure. Once isolated the ducts are then depressurised to test the amount of air flowing through the system. The test is included as part of the Energy Audit.  After the improvements are made to the duct work a second test is conducted to check the amount of energy saved.

If your A/C unit is less than 12 seer then more than likely the duct system is very leaky.  Simple solutions can extend the life span of your A/C unit and save you money in the long run. Duct sealing is a very important step before you replace your A/C, Furnace, or duct work. Most HVAC companies do not seal the ducts when installing new units.  This is an additional charge, it is often over looked because of the high cost of replacing these products.  Only an Energy Audit can show how leakiness of your duct system.


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